Since this past weekend, Suffolk County Police have found the decomposing remains of four people along the beach in Babylon. Police Commissioner Richard Dormer was asked if a serial killer could have dumped the bodies and he said, "We're looking at that - that we could have a serial killer... I don't think it's a coincidence that four bodies ended up in this area."

According to Newsday, the bodies "were dumped from a vehicle at different times, perhaps beginning as long as a year and a half to two years ago." Authorities believe they were dumped by the same person(s). Three bodies were found yesterday (two of them wrapped in burlap), and one was found on Saturday, when a police officer was walking with a search dog, investigating an area where a missing Jersey City prostitute, Shonnan Gilbert, was last seen in May. Gilbert had been scheduled to see a client on Fire Island.

Authorities in Maine are waiting to hear if one of the bodies belongs to a missing Maine woman. Megan Waterman "and her boyfriend had traveled from Scarborough [Maine] to Long Island after placing an ad for an escort on Craigslist."

The NYC medical examiner is helping the Suffolk County medical examiner identify the bodies; the NYC ME's office is also sending a forensic anthropologist to the scene.