Police say that four people have been arrested—and one charged with assault—over the last 24 hours at Zuccotti Park because of different incidents among Occupy Wall Street protesters and hangers-on. Joshua Ehrenberg, 20, was arrested by police and charged with assault after an emergency medical technician was injured while police officers and protesters clashed over Ehrenberg, who has been engaged in a fight with his girlfriend.

According to Chris Reider, a member of the Occupy Wall Street demonstration’s internal security team, they tried to escort Ehrenberg out of the park after the initial fight with the girlfriend; someone called police about a disturbed person, who offered Ehrenberg the choice of being arrested or being taken for a psych evaluation. A small group of Ehrenberg’s friends then circled him, locking arms, to keep the officers from reaching him.

According to the FDNY, there was then a scuffle to subdue him which led to Ehrenberg shoving the EMT worker into a ladder and injuring his ankle and knee. But Reider says things went down a bit differently: as the officers and three EMT workers tried to collect Ehrenberg, one medical worker stumbled over a barricade. Either way, it doesn't seem as though the NYPD had any of their elite detectives on the scene to help sort out this mess.

In addition to Ehrenberg, 25-year-old Xavier Maslowsky was found roaming the park exposing himself and making “derogatory statements about police and their authority” around noon. Maslowsky, a homeless man, was arrested and charged with public lewdness. Village Voice reports that one man with facial tattoos and a dog had tried to burn an American flag at one point later in the day.

Then around 8 p.m., a group of approximately 50 people staged an impromptu square-dance session on the sidewalk around Zuccotti—two protesters were arrested as a result of that. Zachary Kamul, 25, was given two summons for disorderly conduct and possession of a weapon when he refused to obey orders. And Sebastian Posada, 24, was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.