In this bit of non-transit-strike MTA news, Gothamist must say we are LOVING the new sign to remind people to check their Lost Property Unit for their lost items. And, if we take the sign and its charming clip art to heart, the MTA thinks you will be losing your:
- Cobra (yes, an actual snake)
- Prosthetic leg
- Computer mouse
- Dentures
- Big-ass boom box
- Crutch - 'cause you wouldn't notice that it'd be hard to get out with only one crutch
- Bling

Have you ever lost anything on the subway or bus? What happened? And we heard this amazing story: A woman was on her way to JFK for a flight, but left her purse (!!) on the subway. Once she got out, she realized it was missing, so she called the MTA and they located the purse. She was able to pick it up at another station, and the transit workere was so nice, he drove her to the airport! Aw.