2008_05_fossmem.jpgScandal-troubled Vito Fossella and his wife Mary Pat were seen at the 28th annual Advance Memorial Day Run. In their first public appearance since Fossella apologized for his DWI, the Advance reports the couple "were on-hand to show support for their son, Dylan, who was among the more than 1,000 individuals who ran the four-mile race."

A witness told the Post the couple "kept their distance. They didn't look like they were together. It didn't look like they said anything to each other." Fossella apparently "whined" when a photographer took a picture of him taking his 4-year-old daughter Rowan, "When is this going to end? When is this going to end?" Well, it won't end from the Post, whose reporter and photographer were chastised by Virginia police for following Fossella's girlfriend around.

Yesterday, Republican leaders on Staten Island met to discuss who could run for Fossella's seat, and it's tough. Former borough president Guy Molinari told the Times, "We're hurting. I think that the Congressional seat is probably the most coveted seat locally."

Photograph from the Advance, which also has video of the Fossellas