2008_05_fossellatalk.jpgCongressman Vito Fossella may be back at work in DC--considering the "Net neutrality" act--but the questions are still flying about his behavior before his DWI arrest last week.

The Daily News found that Fossella and a friend were "pickled in a pub" in Virginia. A waiter at Logan Tavern said, "I can't imagine him [Fossella] getting into a car. They were [both] incapable of driving." The friend, "Brian," was so drunk that he passed out twice, and then "belly-flopped onto a table," breaking its base. The waiter added he helped get a cab for the pair, but it's unclear whether "the two men got into the cab or walked off, possibly to Fossella's car."

Questions also surround the "old friend," Laura Fay, who picked up Fossella from the Alexandria police (they met in 2003, when Fay was a House military liaison). The Staten Island Advance points out Fay, who has a 3-year-old daughter, and her husband divorced in 2004 and did not have children, "Fossella's silence has sparked whispers that the congressman and Ms. Fay are something more than 'old friends.'"

While the Advance wasn't able to get a hold of Fossella's crisis consultant, Susan Del Percio, the News did and asked straight out if Fossella is the baby daddy. Del Percio said, "That is a demeaning and highly inappropriate question that does not deserve an answer. That's all I'm going to say."

The News' Michael Daly has a column today, saying how Fossella is lucky no one was hurt. Daly also adds how a vehicle his daughter was in was probably hit by a drunk driver and that he's driven drunk during his reckless youth.