2008_05_fossella10.jpgA close friend of Representative Vito Fossella says the troubled Congressman is far from thinking about resignation. Maybe! At first, former Staten Island Borough President Guy Molinari told the Staten Island Advance Fossella "has every intention of running." But then Molinari withdrew the statement, amending it to, "I wouldn't be surprised if the ultimate decision is to run again."

The Post notes how Fossella was allegedly surprised that other members of the House GOP might want him to step aside (S.I. District Attorney Daniel Donovan has been contacted about his interest in running). Hmm, Fossella has spent the past week and a half getting arrested for DWI, apologizing to his constituents with his wife in the audience, being questioned about the woman who picked him up from the Virginia police station, and ultimately admitting the woman, Laura Fay, is his mistress and having 3-year-old love child.

Still, fellow Republican congressman, Peter King of Long Island, is upset with the criticism his colleague has faced from within the GOP, "He's entitled to an interval of decency without having this constant pressure coming from his own party." And the Daily News details how Fossella and Fay's romance unfolded during a congressional junket in Malta. And Fosella's wife Mary Pat was seen at the function of Fossella's godson by herself--her father told reporters she's doing "bad."