2006_07_nickminucci.jpgNick Minucci, who was on trial for beating a black man in Howard Beach, was sentenced to 15 years in prison. The Queens DA had charged Minucci with a hate crime when he repeatedly hit Glenn Moore with a baseball bat in June 2005, given Minucci's use of the "n-word," which sparked a discussion of what's in a word when jurors were selected. Minucci continued to deny racism motivated his actions, telling the court after being sentenced:

"I accept responsibility for my actions 100 percent. This had nothing to do with race. This had to do with me going to defend a friend. This was a hate crime because of Howard Beach."

This December will mark the 20th anniversary of an infamous attack on three black men by a white gang in Howard Beach; one of the men was chased in the street and killed by a car.

Minucci could have faced 25 years in jail; he had previously beaten up a Sikh man after September 11. The Daily News said that Moore's stepfather and Moore would ask the judge for leniency during sentencing. However, Moore has filed a civil suit against Minucci, which apparently was prompted by Minucci's mother's questionable words about the Queens DA's black husband and "half-and-half" children. You can read Maria Minucci's words about the problems with her son's trial and the incident overall from the Queens Chronicle. And you can hear Moore's 911 call after the attack on 1010WINS.