It's been months since the world heard any news about former Trump campaign manager/agent of evil Paul Manafort. And while we'll probably have to wait until the many, many post-2016 books are written to get his perspective on things, the Manafort name is back in the news, because his daughter is being accused of running an illegal Airbnb scheme over multiple SoHo apartments.

The Post reports that Manafort's daughter Jessica, and her husband Jeffrey Yohai, are being sued by their landlord for renting three units in their Broome Street apartment building on the site. The suit from the couple's management company, Goose Mountain NYC, claims that the two listed the units for $699 per month.

Yohai claims that he and Jessica hosted a film crew in the units that they rented while he was shooting a movie. He also said he plans on counter-suing Goose Mountain because the units lacked heat, hot water, and a certificate of occupancy for months. Yohai also suggested that it was Goose Mountain running the Airbnb rentals, not him and his wife.

And to think, the country missed out on a news cycle that focused on the nitty gritty of the state's new Airbnb legislation and in instead stuck in reruns about emails.