Local despair hole Johnny Utah's is in trouble again, and it's not even because the mechanical bull shattered another patron's femur. Former employees have filed a class action lawsuit against the bar's management for allegedly forcing female staff to disrobe and kiss each other while riding the mechanical bull, according to a lawsuit filed in Manhattan federal court on Tuesday.

According to the Post, the suit also alleges that female servers are “subjected to pervasive and regular unwelcome sexual comments, propositions, and physical contact by male customers." To wit, women are "expected to encourage" male patrons to buy them shots, sit on male customer's laps, dance on the bar and pour shots of alcohol into customers' mouths.

Failure to don a bikini top and splash in a kiddie pool without the requisite amount of glee during the bar's noxious sounding "beach parties" allegedly means the risk of termination.

The above photo, snatched from the bar's Yelp page, seems to confirm the majority of the allegations. The only answer is to lose the bull, which appears to be the source of the bar's problems, and replace it with a garbage bag of old bras. Old bras will never "permanently disable" a patron, and far fewer people will want to watch a couple girls making out astride a pile of sweaty laundry, right? No? Seriously? Ugh. Come on, people.