Former Representative Vito Fossella has pleaded guilty to drunk driving charges. Fossella, who was arrested for the DUI in Alexandria, VA last year, was originally going to appeal his conviction, but instead will face the mandatory sentence of five days in jail.

The DUI arrest was initially a small scandal for Fossella, who was NYC's only Republican Congressional member. But then the press became curious about the friend who picked Fossella up from the stationhouse—especially since Fossella said he ran the red light to take his daughter to the hospital (his wife and children live in Staten Island). It turned out the "friend" was the mother of his young love child and the whole brouhaha ultimately prompted Fossella to announce he wouldn't run for re-election. City Councilman Michael McMahon, a Democrat, eventually won the House seat.

Fossella has said he is retiring from politics, but remains a well-liked figure among Staten Island Republicans. Recently, he was boosting Mayor Bloomberg for re-election, "If there ever was a time we need Mike Bloomberg representing all of us in New York City, it's this year, it's now."