Kenneth Moreno, the former NYPD officer who was acquitted of raping a woman in her East Village apartment but convicted of official misconduct, is apparently aiming to be a radiologist's assistant. "I'm also working on other certificates in the health field," Moreno said yesterday during a hearing at Brooklyn Family Court. According to the Daily News, the hearing concerned adjusting child support for his 14-year-old daughter he is raising from a previous marriage to Maria Cruz.

The Post crudely writes, "Kenneth Moreno will soon be helping half-naked women onto hospital gurneys instead of into bed." While x-ray technician is an interesting choice for the ex-cop, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the field "is expected to grow faster than average." As of 2008, salaries ranged from $48K to $55K. After the official misconduct conviction, Moreno was kicked off the NYPD and lost his pension.

Previously, Moreno remarked in an earlier child support hearing that he couldn't find work while he was appealing his one-year jail sentence. Cruz allegedly said, "The MTA is hiring. You might want to try that." Cruz also called him a "piece of shit" and said, "His jail time is so overdue. If he's not in jail, he'll continue to ruin the lives of young women."

Gothamist has published a long-form feature about the "Rape Cop" case, written by one of the jurors. It takes you behind the scenes during their deliberations, and explains how they came to their controversial verdict.