NYU instructors: if they're not suing James Franco or allegedly taking upskirt photos of women, then they're probably having meltdowns in Williamsburg. Former NYU teacher Hans Shmidheiser was arrested Friday after he allegedly went on a bizarre rager across Williamsburg, harassing locals and dogs. According to the Post, at one point, he picked up a dog and asked, “What the f--k is your name?”

Shmidheiser, 30, went on bizarre rampage around 8 a.m. on Friday in the neighborhood. The owner of the dog called cops after that run-in, but Shmidheiser also walked up to a female pedestrian: “He said he wanted to go to the hospital because he was drinking a lot of blood,” she told the Post. He threw a red liquid at the woman which he claimed was blood; it turned out to be fruit punch.

Shmidheiser has now been charged with menacing and harassment, both misdemeanors. He taught math at NYU from 2004 to 2008; according to his Rate My Professors page, he wasn't beloved: "The epitome of whats wrong with NYU and its math department in particular. Worst math teacher in my academic career."