A former NYPD sergeant was convicted Wednesday of third degree sexual abuse for tossing his semen on the leg of a female coworker at police headquarters. He will be allowed to remain free until his sentencing in August, at which point he faces up to three months in jail.

The incident occurred in 2015, and involved Michael Iscenko, 56, hurling his ejaculate at a civilian administrator as she was returning from the bathroom at One Police Plaza. The defense, which did not present any witnesses during the trial, argued that the substance was saliva. According to Assistant District Attorney Emily Ching, lab tests confirmed that the substance was in fact semen.

“I felt something cold and wet behind my leg,” the 63-year-old victim testified, according to the Post. "I turned to look and saw a creamy substance. I saw Mike behind me and told him, ‘Ewww! Why did you do that?’ in disgust, and he just looked at me and walked to his office.”

The answer to that question, why, remains unclear. According to the Daily News, prior to the incident, Iscenko had told the victim, that he "liked" her. Both the cop and his wife declined to comment outside the courtroom.

“I’m disappointed and we’re going to appeal,” Iscenko's lawyer told reporters after the verdict.