A retired cop who started playing online poker to kill time and distract himself from injuries he suffered on 9/11 just won $1 million when he defeated a professional card-player on a poker game show. After retiring from the NYPD in 2004 with back and leg ailments he incurred during the terrorist attacks, former detective Mike Kosowski, 53, began playing the card game so he wouldn’t be "lethargic."

After playing online for up to six hours per day, he entered a contest and earned a spot on the game show "PokerStars.net Million Dollar Challenge," where he went head-to-head with pro Daniel Negreanu, the Daily News reports. "I said this guy’s a pro, if he gets a chance to read me he’s going to pick me off,” he told the Post. The only cue he picked up from his opponent was when Kosowski realized his rival "didn’t have the best hand because he puts his hand behind the back of his head.” Until the show airs on Dec. 27 at 5 pm on Fox, Kosowski can't describe his winning hand in detail. But he told the tabloids he'd use the money to pay off his mortgage, donate some to a charity that supports the homeless, and set a part of it aside for his children.