An NYPD officer formerly named "Cop of the Year" in his Queens precinct has been arrested on drug trafficking charges. Details are limited, but easy enough to fill in with the plot of the movie Training Day. Denzel Washington won an Academy Award for his portrayal of a decorated but corrupt LAPD detective. Officer Philip LeRoy, on the other hand, has been charged with a litany of crimes related to cocaine trafficking after he was caught allegedly buying 10 kilos of the stuff in Sunrise City, Florida.

LeRoy evidently lacked the street savvy of his fictional counterpart, having committed what seems like a pretty rookie misstep. “Sunrise PD does this thing called forfeiture, which are like reverse drug-deal stings, where cops pose as dealers selling very cheap cocaine. They’re known for these kind of big busts,” a police source told the Post. “You got to be pretty stupid to do this deal in Sunrise.”

Things were very different for LeRoy just two short years ago, when he was picked from among more than 100 officers in the 114th Precinct and named "Cop of the Year."

“As a member of the anti-crime unit, P.O. Leroy has made more than two dozen arrests so far this year for things like robbery and gun possession,” former Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said at the time.

Based on his Facebook page, Officer LeRoy's pastimes included driving his black Infiniti and having his abs licked. He is currently in jail awaiting formal charges.