If it comes as a surprise to you that posing nude for a national publication might follow someone around for an eternity, well, you probably haven't been paying much attention to the Internet. But one former Playgirl model says that even though his birthday-suit shoot days are behind him, he still suffered from harassing taunts from co-workers at his decidedly non-steamy desk job; now, he's suing the company for damages.

Daniel Sawka, who lives in Connecticut, starting working as a district manager for data processing company ADP in 2009. But one month into the gig, his co-workers found photos from a (very naked) lumberjack shoot Sawka did for Playgirl in 1992. Alas, it appears Sawka worked with some exceedingly mature specimens; upon discovering this treasure trove of office joke fodder, they proceeded to engage in what the complaint describes as "a pattern and practice of jokes, sexually charged comments and ridicule concerning the plaintiff and the pictures."

According to the complaint, Sawka's fellow employees, who were looking at the photos on ADP computers, would joke about his genitalia, make sexual comments about him at office meetings and yell "Timber!" at him when he passed by. Sawka says he repeatedly asked them to stop, but they did not; he was "constructively discharged" from the company in 2011, whatever that means, and is now seeking back and front pay, personal days, lost pension and retirement benefits, bonuses costs, and damages and punitive damages for emotional distress.

Oh, what's that, you say? You'd like to see the NSFW photos from the shoot that turned Sawka's office into an giggling group of adolescents? Voila. Also, he starred in a short film titled "Balls," but it's not what you think!