As if signing Mo Vaughn wasn't terrible enough, the Post is reporting today that ESPN baseball analyst and former NY Mets General Manager Steve Phillips was ensnared in a messy affair with a 22-year-old production assistant at ESPN, that ended with some not-too-pleasant hijinks. For instance, the assistant crashed her car into a stone column outside the Phillips' Wilton, Conn. home, after leaving a letter there describing intimacies of the affair (including squirmy details about birth marks in nether-regions).

Phillips admitted to police to sleeping with Brooke Hundley three times over three weeks this past summer. After he dumped her, the spurned Hundley allegedly began harassing the Phillips family, leaving phone messages and sending text messages to his wife Marni. Hundley even apparently contacted Phillips' 16-year-old son via Facebook, posing as a classmate and prying into his family's home life. The teen told police, "She asked inappropriate questions about my parents, such as: Do they sleep in the same bed? Do you think they will be getting a divorce? Do they fight a lot?"

Phillips has been suspended by ESPN because of the scandal, and his wife has filed for divorce from him. This isn't the first time Philips has been in this kind of trouble; in 1998, a year after being named GM to the Mets, Phillips was hit with a sexual harassment lawsuit from a former employee, and later admitted to several affairs. The Mets described it at the time as a "bump in the road," and Phillips survived the scandal, staying for five more tumultuous years with the organization. But with the attention he's getting today, this could prove to be a collapse truly worthy of association with the Mets.

Hundley's letter to Marni Phillips

UPDATE: More lurid details and documents about Philips and his "tubby temptress" (Oh Post, always with the smack talk) have been revealed. That includes a photo gallery, info about Hundley's professional aspirations, statements from all concerned parties (Phillips' wife's statement(PDF), Phillips' statement (PDF),
Phillips' 16-year-old son's statement (PDF)), and most engrossing/gross, the full text of the letter Hundley left for Phillips' wife (PDF). At least now we can rest at ease knowing he was a gentleman from their first liaison: "he assured me I wouldn't have to worry about getting pregnant since his vasectomy."