If you want to believe the NY Post's sources, former governor Eliot Spitzer is looking to head back to Albany. But this time, it would be to oversee NY State's finances as the State Comptroller: "Spitzer has in recent weeks had discussions with some Democratic donors and insiders about the position currently held by Tom DiNapoli"—one source says, "He's seriously thinking about it," and another offers, "He wants to run if he can. He's still talking about it."

Apparently Governor Paterson would love this, as the ratings-challenged governor says, "The type of way that former Gov. Spitzer managed would be most useful these days in the finance area rather than in law enforcement. As you can see our biggest problems are - and the current comptroller has handled them very well, warning the Legislature over and over again what’s going to happen if we don’t act - so those who want to make change I think would be inclined to move in the finance area.”

Hmm, would Spitzer be able to convince the Legislature? When he pulled the Steamroller bit on them as Governor, they hated it—and they also hated him for using state troopers to spy on their own!