Peter Cammarano, who resigned as mayor of Hoboken due to accusations that he took $25,000 in bribes during his 21-and-a-half days in office, got a nifty payout from the city: According to the Jersey Journal, "Cammarano received $12,904.04 for his one month as Hoboken mayor, according to city payroll records. Of that $12,904, $4,254.46 of it was paid to Cammarano for his unused vacation days... He was inaugurated on July 1, 2009 and his resignation was effective at noon on Friday, July 31. On his last day in office, Cammarano was paid for half a day. Acting Mayor Dawn Zimmer was sworn in later that day." You know how many unused vacation days? Twelve—he got all of them, they weren't pro-rated or anything! That's super generous of Hoboken.