A former publisher of High Times magazine who spent eight years in prison for trafficking hash and marijuana in the '80s is gunning for Governor Cuomo. In a blog post admirably headlined "Pot-ential 2014 challenger not high on Cuomo," LoHud.com reports that marijuana reform advocate Richard Stratton filed paperwork with the state Board of Elections yesterday to challenge Cuomo. To be blunt, this guy isn't one of Cuomo's best buds.

"While I realize that I’m not exactly a household name with many New Yorkers, and my resume is by no means typical of our state’s previous Governors, I’m confident that my message will resonate with New Yorkers across the political spectrum who care about our state’s future and are looking for out-of-the-box solutions for the various problems facing New Yorkers," said Stratton, who announced that he would seek office on the Republican line. He also promised voters that when he's Governor, the war on drugs will be over:

We simply can’t afford to continue to spend millions to incarcerate the 13,000 non-violent drug offenders that are currently jailed in this state. I am committed to being the voice for New Yorkers who are interested in drug reform, marijuana law reform and, most importantly, those who are sick of paying for the incompetence and corruption of New York State politicos.

I’m fed up with paying for the pensions of State Senators who get sent to jail for corruption, and I am appalled at having to pay to imprison someone who was carrying marijuana. This madness needs to end. When I’m Governor of New York, we will bring the insanity of our present war on our own people to an end.

Wow, what a reasonable argument! Stratton doesn't stand a chance.