A little after 9:00 am this morning, Plaxico Burress, the former star receiver for the New York Giants, was released from prison. Burress had been serving 21 months for criminal possession of a weapon: Burress accidentally shot himself in the leg when his not-registered-in-NY gun discharged in his pants while he was at a Midtown nightclub. He can now spend time with his wife, son and his daughter, who was born while Burress was incarcerated. It's widely believed that Burress still has some playing years left in him, so naturally, speculation about where Burress will play has already begun.

The early frontrunner to grab Burress? The Eagles. His ex-teammate Brandon Jacobs told the Daily News that there is "no chance" Burress returns to the Giants, and said that he believes Burress would want to join Mike Vick in Philadelphia because they shared similar experiences and the Eagles are loaded with potential championship talent. And if you want further evidence, Burress was wearing a Phillies hat when he left the prison.

That seems like enough evidence for us, so we're already thinking up puns. So far we've got "The Jail Birds" as a possible nickname for the Eagles and "The Green Trial" as a headline for when Burress signs. We tried to come up with something using Bonnie and Clyde, but who should be Bonnie and who should be Clyde. Maybe Burress and Vick should sort that out? Forget the "Human Knot" icebreaker game, "Which famous criminal most describes you" is sure to be a hit in the Eagles' lockerroom.