2008_07_sandman2.jpgJim "The Sandman" Fullington, arrested for assault and other offenses when he acted out during a party for Captain Lou Albano, was denied bail yesterday, leaving him locked up in a Westchester County jail for three straight nights. The Journal News spoke to Albano's son Louis who explained the party was for his dad's new autobiography, "One thing led to another, and things got out of hand. That's the way wrestlers are." The Post suggests that Fullington et al. may file a complaint against the restaurant owner, who allegedly got in Fullington's face, prompting the pro-wrestler to go crazy. Captain Lou Albano's niece and manager Kari said she tried to get the staff to stop serving the Sandman, "The fight was both their faults, and [the owner] should have been arrested, too." Fullington will attempt to make bail again today.