A McDonald's in The Bronx had a real McDowell's-like situation on its hand when an employee intervened with a gun-toting mugging going on. But in this Soundview altercation, the action took place outside of the fast food joint when the guard of the Golden Arches spotted a couple attacking a man filling up his tank at a nearby gas station. And luckily for the McDonald's security guard who spotted the altercation and decided to get involved, he didn't have to rely on Prince Akeem's martial arts skills with a mop stick—he opened fire with his own weapon. The guard had a little background with using a firearm to chase down perps—he's a former cop. He was able to shoot one of the muggers in the leg, but the man's girlfriend was able to round up her partner in crime and drive off before the two could be apprehended. An 18-year-old fellow employee of the guard's at the restaurant said, "He shot first and he pistol-whipped [the driver]. His head was bleeding a lot. [Then] the security guard went out shooting. It's crazy. You don't expect this. I mean, I only work at McDonald's."