On Saturday morning, news broke the former Police Commissioner Bernard Kerik had resigned his nomination to head the country's Homeland Security nomination, using the illegal status of a housekeeper as his excuse. But it turns out, there were other things about his nomination that were questionable, leading to the use of "untenable" in a NY Times headline about the story. Like some questionable financial dealings, as well as scuttlebutt about Kerik's affairs, including one with his publisher, Judith Regan. Well, that's what you get for nominating an extremely colorful man. Additionally, it seems that this embarrassing-to-the-White-House Kerik incident may mean that Rudy Giuliani's post-9/11 honeymoon with President Bush is over (Gothamist says, eh, thank goodness...it was sickening, both of them taking the memory September 11 almost to the point of exploitation); Giuliani apparently apologized last night.

It looks like Kerik will be going to his old job at Giuliani's firm. Newsday has a thorough look inside the mess, and its columnist Ellis Henican says "I hate to say I told you so...but I told you so"; it's true, Henican had a crazed editorial a week and a half ago. Boy, Gothamist bets is President Bush wishing he nominated Asa Hutchinson; Hutchinson may be boring to the media, but maybe that's because he's fairly straight up. It's always the case that you wonder why politicians don't learn (Zoe Baird? Kimba Wood? Lani Guinier?), but apparently, they just don't.

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