2008_10_polivo.jpgYesterday, a jury found disbarred lawyer Carlos Perez-Olivo guilty of killing his wife. In 2006, Perez-Olivo claimed he was run off Route 100 in Westchester County and that a gunman shot his wife in the head and him in the stomach, but police arrested him late last year. Cops, who had called it "an unusual-sounding incident," connected him to the gun, found in a lake and prosecutors noted that the gun looked a lot like some Perez-Olivo had been holding months earlier. Perez-Olivo, who lived on the same Chappaqua block as Bill and Hillary Clinton, had been disbarred over badly handling clients' cases (including defending a man who killed his wife's lover at the West 18th Street 1 station) and had attempted to get money from his wife's substantial insurance policy.