If there's anyone out there who's hoping the 2016 campaign never ends, it's embattled New Jersey governor Chris Christie. While campaign staffers and reporters will go home to their families and have a few scotch and Xanax cocktails, Christie will have to turn his full attention to an increasingly shitty situation for him regarding Bridgegate. His latest piece of bad news came today in the form of testimony from his former aide Bridget Kelly, who said that Christie knew about the planned lane closures on the George Washington Bridge when they were first proposed and that he once threw a water bottle at her in anger.

Christie has denied that he knew anything about the lane closures until the rest of the world did, but prosecutors in the criminal case of Kelly and fellow Christie aide Bill Baroni alleged in their opening remarks that Christie knew about the lane closures as they happened. Kelly's testimony today backed that up, as she told a jury that that she relayed David Wildstein's plan for a traffic study on the George Washington Bridge, whose stated goal was ironically to reduce congestion on the bridge, on August 12th, 2013. She also testified that when she told Christie the study would cause traffic in the lanes leading into Fort Lee, he asked how his administration's relationship was with Fort Lee mayor Mark Sokolich, but she didn't know. (The horrible traffic jams that ensued from the lane closures were allegedly intended to punish Sokolich for not endorsing Christie for reelection.)

Interestingly, Kelly testified that her famous "Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee" email to Wildstein was a reference to Wildstein's own words about the potential effects of the study, and had no sinister undertones. According to Kelly, Wildstein also told her that once the study was done, Christie would be able to take credit for fixing traffic patterns on the bridge. Contrary to what Christie has previously stated, Kelly also testified that Christie told her he had talked with Wildstein about the lane closures, and Sokolich's complaints about them, at a September 11th memorial in 2013.

Kelly also testified that she began to fear Christie, and talked about a time he threw a water bottle at her. After suggesting to him that he could run an event about a devastating fire in Seaside Heights and hand the discussion about it off to different Cabinet members, Christie allegedly threw a water bottle at her and yelled "What do you think I am, a fucking game show host?" One reporter who's covered Christie tweeted that he had a similar story:

On a Christie-hosted Price Is Right, the dogs would be spayed and neutered in studio at the end of every show.