The list of possible candidates considering challenging Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand keeps on growing. Dan Senor—a former advisor to Pres. Bush and a one-time spokesman for Iraq's provisional government—is reportedly "very interested" in running on the Republican ticket.

Sources tell the Post that Senor has been consulting with "political people and money types" across the state. The occasional Fox News pundit and husband of CNN's Campbell Brown also met with state Republican party chair Ed Cox. According to the tabloid, he might win over voters because "he was among the civilian officials who served the longest in Iraq as the post-Saddam Hussein government was being established."

Also considering a campaign on the Republican ticket is Daily News publisher and real estate billionaire Mort Zuckerman, who has been courting some of the same high-ranking state Republicans as Senor. Wall Street economist David Malpass and amazing-political-ad-maker Bruce Blakeman are planning runs as Republicans. On the Democratic side, former Tennessee congressman and Wall Street executive Harold Ford Jr. has been running a still unofficial campaign against Gillibrand.