Earlier this year

it was reported that 40-year-old Dwight Newton had siphoned $620K into his bank account, from his place of employment, the Brooklyn Museum. The Daily News has an update on the former museum manager, who admitted yesterday that he stole the money by cutting checks for faux employees.

The scheme took place over three years, with 138 checks deposited into a joint bank account he shared with his wife (a former investigator for the Brooklyn DA's office). She was not charged, and now under the plea agreement Newton will be repaying every cent he stole. The News reports, "he agreed to sell a time share he owns in Barbados to make good on $77,000 in criminal forfeiture owed to the government." He also faces 63 months behind bars, and a fine of $250K for wire fraud.

Meanwhile, the museum is keeping a better eye on their finances, declaring: "Nothing like this will ever happen again."