Isn't former assistant Brooklyn district attorney Mahsa Saeidi-Azcuy just the cutest?! She quit the Brooklyn DA's office to pursue her lifelong dream of

debasing herself for

working with Donald Trump on national TV. That takes serious guts from a serious professional. But the DA wasn't happy that she credited the rough and tumble world of Brooklyn law with her


in-your-face attitude: "Brooklyn has rubbed off on me. We tend to be outspoken," she said, referring to Ivanka Trump saying she was "unprofessional" and had a "terrible attitude" on The Apprentice.

She understood that her on-screen life was starting to interfere with her work: “Due to the success of the show, people were recognizing me—defense attorneys, judges," she told the Post. Officials in the office responded by telling her she would need to take a lower profile gig if she wanted to stay, so she left (after crying for "three hours"). And anyway, they knew she was made to be in front of the cameras, so why would they want to hold her back; they were the ones to first recognize her talents, using her for a series of promotional videos last year (one of which you can gaze at in awe below). At least the story has a happy ending for her, since she gets a "once in a lifetime" opportunity to work with Trump! "Mr. Trump is wonderful to work with," she said unironically.