2008_09_lawsuit.jpgLast year, we mentioned that a financial firm secretary was suing her boss for sexual harassment, claiming he suggested she have an affair with his ex-wife, bring him his erectile dysfunction medicine, and add "F--- Services" to her business card. But now Fatima Monahan is dropping the charges, admitting she made those stories up to "deflect attention" from former boss Frederick Iseman's claims that she charged various items to his credit card (last year, Iseman's lawyer called her a "total liar and a thief"). Monahan, who the Sun says made $125,000 as Iseman's assistant, admitted her allegations "were and are entirely untrue." She pleaded guilty to stealing $45,000 from Iseman (to buy luxury clothing, etc.), must pay restitution and is serving 5 years probation. Iseman said, "She's extremely devious and extremely dangerous."