Yesterday, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo announced that a former Administration for Children's Services worker was arrested for "falsifying public records in order to cover up her failure to perform required home visits." Stephanie Sabouni, 27, of Brooklyn, was supposed to visited children with chronic school truancy within 48 hours of being assigned cases. However, the AG's office says, "Sabouni allegedly failed to make the required visits in several of her assigned cases. To cover her tracks she made false entries into the ACS computer system reflecting that she had made home visits to several families with whom she never actually met."

Sabouni, who is charged with 14 felonies and one misdemeanor, posted the $1,500 bail and told reporters, "I didn't do anything wrong...If I were to go on national TV, I wouldn't answer every question, but I'd talk about the corruption of the agency." She added, "ACS is at fault for everything. I'm just being used." Sabouni has been teaching at a Brooklyn public school, but the Department of Education fired her upon these allegations.

According to the Post, Sabouni allegedly quit ACS in 2007 when questions about her case visits arose: "In one case, Sabouni later admitted to another employee that she had never met one of the families, the complaint said." Apparently families of the children told ACS they were never visited. Her lawyer told the Daily News, "Nobody was injured as a result of these [documents]... The children she worked with are fine... [She] went to some [homes], but not other homes," and suggested that Sabouni incriminated herself while making statements, because she didn't know she was being investigated.

Sabouni is getting married next month and had planned a honeymoon in Mexico—but the News reports that she was "ordered to hand over her passport."