A bookkeeper and community organizer for the embattled antipoverty group Acorn raked in $500,000 in merchandise through a corporate rewards program with Verizon—goodies she had no right to claim, investigators say. As part of an expansive fraud that began five years ago, Donnett Davis allegedly opened a corporate rewards program for Acorn’s 10 to 20 phone lines with Verizon, but named herself as the recipient. She was also able to somehow add (allegedly) another 9,000 DOE phone lines to her rewards account. The haul was pretty sweet.

"When you have 9,000 lines, those points add up," Special Commissioner of Investigation Richard Condon tells the Post. Officials say Davis cashed in the points for spa retreats, Yankees and Mets tickets, $5,000 IBM gift certificates, $500 travel coupons, and Broadway show tickets. (Davis told investigators she shared the gift certificates with fellow staffers and others who signed up as Acorn members.) She was terminated by Acorn in 2008, and went to work for the DOE as the parent coordinator for the Acorn High School for Social Justice in Brooklyn. Verizon discovered the suspicious activity in October 2008 while auditing its accounts, and Davis resigned from her schools job in August.

As to how Davis allegedly obtained the DOE phone numbers, Cordon suspects she had help from someone within the DOE or Verizon. "We’re not alleging she did it alone," Cordon tells City Room. "Quite frankly, we would be surprised if she did." In fact, the Education Department is not even eligible for the Verizon rewards program, which is intended for small businesses, according to the Daily News. In a statement, a lawyer for Acorn said, "ACORN was unaware of her activities and Acorn has not been accused by the Special Investigator of having any awareness or involvement in the fraud perpetrated by Ms. Davis. Acorn... encourages Ms. Davis's prosecution to the fullest extent permitted by law."