The Times had a nice article about Kevin Walsh and a tour of decrepit Prospect Cemetery in Queens that he arranged through his great site about New York, Forgotten NY (the site says about the cemetery, "it's a mess."). The Times positions Walsh as the guru of a subculture of NY history enthusiasts, some of whom have started their own sites: John Leita's Long Island Oddities, Jeff Saltzman's site about street lights and highways and Mike Epstein's photoblog...hey, we know Mike!

It's wonderful how much people love the city and, not only love learning more about it, but love sharing what they know about it. Gothamist once gave a tour of Park Slope in the 7th grade. Plus we usually give the right directions to tourists (except in the West Village where we are easily confused). Hands down, the best directions we ever gave were to Central Park West - from West Broadway!

The Satan's Laundromat photos of Prospect Cemetary (photo above from SL, of the upside down tombstone).