Congressman Anthony Weiner

is suggesting that the NY Jets move to Queens instead of the West Side of Manhattan. Why? Because it would be cheaper. Weiner says it would cost about $445 million to build in Willets Point, rather than the $1.4 billion it would cost in Manhattan. The Jets organization and city, however, argue that the tax revenue for a Manhattan-based stadium would be much more attractive than one in Queens, especially since the stadium would be paired with the Javits convention center. Gothamist would have to agree - the Jets have been sucking lately (sorry, Herm!) can't imagine what putting them in Queens would do, rabid fans from Long Island and all. Oh, Representative Weiner, don't you realize that there's no way that Woody Johnson will build it in Queens? He'll foot hundreds of millions of dollars into a Manhattan pipe dream only! Of course, the possibility of getting the project off the ground as a stadium-only deal in Queens seems more apt to happen than the loads of wheeling and dealing to get the West Side mobilized for tons of construction, but what does Gothamist know?

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