The biggest unanswered question to emerge from the absurd bit of theater that was yesterday's Anthony Weiner mea culpa foreva was not "who did what to whom and when wearing what shoes on the Internet?" but who the hell is that guy hiding behind the cubicle? Throughout the press conference, a mysterious mustachioed man, his face half-concealed, peered cryptically out from behind Weiner and Huma's lectern. As Weiner droned on about how his virtual sexytimes were "in the rearview mirror," many wondered, could that guy be Carlos Danger? Or Carlos Danger's Wilson?

The mustachioed man became popular on the Internet for his intense glare at Weiner, and was from then on known as CUBICLE GUY.

Soon, the Internet was on the case. New York Magazine has a nice Q & A about CUBICLE GUY, which clears some things up. Turns out CUBICLE GUY is actually a real person, with a real name, like Jeff McKinney, who happens to have a real job, working at WWOR as a reporter and anchor.

McKinney told his old station, WCCO in Minneapolis, that he had no idea he was CUBICLE GUY. "Cubicle Guy was just there, he was taking notes," he told WCCO, already referring to his alter ego in the third person. "He was standing behind Anthony Weiner because that was the only available spot to him. Because Cubicle Guy was late getting to the news conference. Not as late, as it turns out, as Anthony Weiner, but that was the only place I could stand."

Will CUBICLE GUY appreciate this jazzy tribute that POLITICO made?

Probably not. Who cares?