New Year's Eve gets a bad rep: "It's never fun!" and "There are no cabs!" and "I'm cold!" are popular whines, and while only you can overcome your own lameness and inability to wear a proper coat, the cab problem is a non-issue: We are blessed to live in a city with an abundance of public transportation. You might not want to wait 20 minutes for the train at 4 a.m., but the option is, nevertheless, always there. Did you know there are cities in this country where you have no choice but to shiver in the cold until the NYE rush has died down, sometime around 6 a.m.? It's true.

The MTA wants revelers to know that only schmucks and G train riders will try to hail a cab in the wee hours of a rosy-fingered 2015—savvy locals know that the subway is the way to go. Additional service will be provided to the 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, A,C,D,E,F,L,N,Q,R and Shuttle lines for your convenience. If you're the type who enjoys vomiting on public transit, think ahead and bring a plastic bag! 2015 is the year you will finally grow up, after all.

The LIRR will also provide 12 additional eastbound trains this afternoon from Penn Station and 20 extra westbound trains to Penn Station and Atlantic Terminal. Metro-North will be on a modified weekday schedule with "reduced AM and PM peak service," extra evening inbound service and extra outbound service after midnight.

The city's buses will operate on standard weekday schedules with minor timing changes.

If you're heading to Times Square this evening (no judgment!), the MTA also advises that you avoid the 42nd Street subway minefield altogether, since you "might not be allowed to exit onto the street." (Here are details about the street closures.)

Further, the northbound platform at 50th Street and both north and southbound platforms at the 49th Street N, Q, R stations will be closed from 7 p.m. until just after midnight, so plan to walk from 50th, 57th, 59th streets or Columbus Circle instead. Don't worry, it will feel good to stretch your legs before you're pinned in place for the next six hours.