2005_11_12_congestion.jpgSo about that Congestion pricing that we all got so hot and bothered for yesterday? Maybe not so much. Seems Bloomberg was not amused that only two days after the election his media spotlight got derailed by an issue that he didn't campaign on.

Speaking at the Veterans Day Parade hizzoner made clear that "It's not on our agenda to look at it... Congestion pricing is not something we're talking about." Further, that the scheme works well in London doesn't mean anything for us because "every city is different."

So if Bloomberg doesn't want congestion pricing, what does he want? Well, he wants to bring back the commuter tax of yore (ok, not really so much yore as 1999). Never really leaving the city, or ever driving for that matter, we kinda like both plans. But to be fair, we've always had a soft spot for the tax of 0.45% that commuters had to pay from '69-'99. Which would you prefer to see instituted, a new commuter tax or congestion pricing? Or both?