The City opened up the newly renovated $1.9 million Forest Park recreational complex yesterday. The complex features artificial turf and new seating for what is one of the city's most popular ball fields. Parks Commissioner Adrian Benepe touted the benefits of the artificial turf to the media, saying, "you don't have to cut the grass. You don't have to have an irrigation system. You don't have to put down pesticides," which might make the fake turf, which is 30-40% more expensive than regular ol' grass, a good investment in the long run.

When trying to find out most about Forest Park, which is near Woodhaven, Richmond Hill, and Kew Gardens, Gothamist found the Parks' Department's write-up very interesting, including the fact that it was originally meant to be a place for crowded Brooklyn constituents to relax and was going to be named "Brooklyn Forest Park."