Forest City Ratner, the developer behind the controversial Nets arena currently rising over the Atlantic Yards, seems to have expanded its "rodent control program" to help neighbors dealing with "a rat tsunami." Their solution? Free trash cans! Better than nothing, we guess.

Neighbors have been complaining to 311 and anyone who will listen about the rodents rising from the construction site and invading their homes, so much so that the city has been putting out more traps and poison in the area. But this week Forest City Ratner is getting in on the action, offering free "heavy-duty, high-necked cans" to any building in the area with 12 units or less. If you qualify, just rollup to the Atlantic Yards community liaison office before Friday. It islocated in a traile at Carlton Avenue and Pacific Street.

Meanwhile, residents the News spoke to think the move is too little, too late. "I'm glad they're finally giving us these cans, but my cat's been bringing home rats in his mouth since 2007," one neighbor said. "The rats have been our neighbors ever since excavation began that year. They're in our cars and homes."

Perhaps when the arena opens Coke will honor all those rodents with one of their planned special beverages?