A 22-year-old woman visiting America on a work furlough stopped two men in Williamsburg to ask them for directions Thursday night around 2 a.m. Somehow, the men persuaded her to go to "a party," but police say they escorted her to the shady Glenwood Hotel, a cheap hostel with "rooms" resembling cubicles with chickenwire ceilings. There they allegedly raped her, along with two other accomplices.

Investigators have released these surveillance photos of the men, who are still at large. They're described as being 25 to 30 years old, and NBC New York reports that it's unclear how many of the men sexually assaulted her. She was permitted to leave after the alleged attack, and went to a hospital for treatment.

The Glenwood, located at 339 Broadway between 9th Street and Keap Street, does not sound like a fine place of lodging. New York says "each floor of the two-story building is a maze of wooden stalls, with a bed and little space for anything else. Board-thin partitions and makeshift ceilings made of chicken wire and heavy quilts lend little privacy." And one Yelp reviewer writes, "I had to change cubicles/rooms after I checked in, because my bed was infested... I could here every word of a South Park episode from a room/cubicle 100 feet away.. In the morning, I emerged from the floor's one shower to a woman vomiting all over the floor as she banged in vain on the doors of occupied toilet stalls."

The phone at the Glenwood appears to be disconnected.