Via the NY Times

Over the weekend, NY Times op-ed columnist Joe Nocera wrote a column about infamous "foreclosure mill" law firm Steven J. Baum and their distasteful 2010 Halloween party, where employees dressed up as foreclosure victims and created a shantytown—and also mocked lawyers fighting for victims and a judge critical of their work. The firm initially denied that the photographs—sent by a former employee—depicted a Baum event and accused the NY Times of a smear campaign, but lately, the Buffalo-area firm has been apologizing left and right.

The Associated Press published an apology from Baum yesterday, "I again want to sincerely apologize for the inappropriate costumes worn by some of our employees at our Halloween Party in 2010. It was in extremely poor taste and I take full responsibility. I know people were extremely offended and people have every right to be upset with me and my firm." Baum also met with Homeless Alliance of Western New York executive director Dale Zuchlewski, who said, "He offered no excuses, apologized several times and has offered to have himself and his employees volunteer for homeless causes on a regular basis."

Baum's firm is currently under investigation by Eric Schneiderman, and settled a DOJ investigation for $2 million over whether they had "filed misleading pleadings, affidavits, and mortgage assignments in the state and federal courts in New York." Baum issued a statement to the Buffalo News on Sunday, "On behalf of the firm, I sincerely apologize for what happened last year at our Halloween party," and said of its party this year, "We reiterated our company policy as it pertains to wearing appropriate costumes. No one is permitted to wear a costume that could be interpreted as being offensive." Pictures or STFU.