The temperature has been remarkably consistent recently. Each day since last Thursday has been within one degree of normal for that day. This morning's low of 70 degrees and an expected high in the lower 80s will keep the consistent temperature streak going for another day.

Consistent weather is boring weather so let's throw some variety into the forecast. A storm is expected to move up through the eastern Great Lakes tomorrow, pushing a warm front through town in the morning and a cold front tomorrow evening. The two fronts will give us numerous chances for much needed rain in the form of showers and thunderstorms starting late tonight and lasting until midnight Tuesday. It does not look like these storms will be severe but some could produce heavy downpours and localized flooding. Tuesday's high might fall just shy of 80 which, if it happens, will be the first time we haven't hit 80 in more than a month.

The storm will pass and we'll be back to the same boring old sunny and mild summer weather on Wednesday and Thursday. Look for afternoon highs in the mid-ish 80s both days. The clear skies will make for excellent viewing of this year's Perseid meteor shower. Warmer weather will return later in the week when highs are expected to return to the upper 80s and stay there for an extended period of time early next week.