There's nothing like a massive high pressure system to simplify the weather forecast. The big air mass is moving off the coast today, which means we'll be seeing increasing temperature and humidity for the rest of the week. This afternoon will be sunny and warm with a high in the mid 80s.

Southerly winds will push tomorrow's high to the upper 80s and the dew point into the mid 60s, so it is going to start feeling muggy again. Friday's high should reach the low 90s. If it does it will be the sixth day this month where it has been at least 90 degrees. There is a slight chance of showers or thunderstorms on Friday as a weak cold front passes through the region.

The air mass behind the front is looking warm and dry, so look for lots of sun this weekend with highs ranging from the mid 80s to near 90. If the highs reach the upper part of that range this month will wind up being very close to the warmest August on record.

Because conditions are pretty quiet over much of the country, weather Twitter (yes, there is a thing called weather Twitter), is getting very excited about possible tropical cyclone development in the western Atlantic. There is a disturbance just east of Puerto Rico this morning that is expected to head northwest toward the Bahamas and southern Florida over the next couple of days. As it does there is a good chance the disturbance will become organized and gain enough strength to become a tropical storm or even a hurricane.