Do they make rain gear for reindeer? A perfectly positioned jet stream along with a couple of surface low pressure systems are going to make for a wet first week of winter. The jet stream is swooping northeastward from the Gulf of Mexico. That's a direction that encourages storms to form and drag lots of warm, moist air up the coast. For this afternoon that adds up to thickening clouds and a chance of rain by late afternoon. One year ago today we had set a record high of 71 degrees, but this afternoon we will only hit the lower 40s.

Rain is likely overnight and through tomorrow as a weak storm develops over the Mid-Atlantic states and moves northward. The ground may be cold enough that they may see freezing rain overnight from Albany through Orange County. Temperatures will begin to rise late tonight with Tuesday's high expected to reach the lower 50s.

A second, stronger, storm will make its presence felt starting late Tuesday as it passes over the Great Lakes. Wednesday and Wednesday night is expected to be a warm, wet, windy mess. The high on Christmas Eve could reach the upper 50s with an inch or so of rain possible. A cold front should put an end to the rain early on Christmas morning, with the sun coming out that afternoon. What the cold front won't bring is cold weather. Thursday's high is expected to reach the mid 50s and temperatures are expected to run above normal through at least Saturday.