Yesterday's Alberta Clipper dropped between a half-inch of snow in Astoria to 1.5 inches in Rego Park. One inch was measured at Central Park, bringing January's snow total to 7.9 inches. Believe it or not, that's greater than average. January's temperature was also greater than average, 5.4 degrees greater to be precise. Central Park has now been warmer than normal for nineteen consecutive months.

February is starting out warm as a low pressure system moving across southern Canada and northern New England will temporarily keep the cold air well to our north today. Look for an afternoon high in the mid 40s with a good deal of sunshine. The warm weather will stick around overnight, but a dry cold front is expected to arrive by mid-morning tomorrow and that will usher in a cold air mass that promises to stick around for the weekend.

Staten Island Chuck will wake up to a low near 33 degrees tomorrow morning and a partly cloudy sky that makes it hard to predict whether his/her shadow will be seen. Thursday will warm up to a near normal high in the upper 30s but brisk northwesterly winds will make it feel a good ten degrees cooler.

The center of the cold air will settle in on Friday and Saturday, when we can expect highs around freezing and lows in the lower 20s all under mostly clear skies. Sunday will be a bit warmer as the high pressure system moves offshore and there is a slight chance we could see some light flurries. It is still too early for details, but a more significant storm is possible toward the middle of next week.