It's not often that we get a low temperature in September of 81 degrees, but that's what happened this morning as a very humid tropical air mass covers the eastern half of the country. A low in the 80s isn't just rare for September, it rarely happens in the heat of summer. There were two days this past summer when the low stayed in the 80s. Before this year, we have to go back to a July 2013 heat wave to find another time when the low stayed in the 80s. It makes me wonder if today will turn out to be the warmest September morning on record in Central Park.

The tropical air should heat up to near 90 this afternoon. A cold front is dropping down from the north. At best it may cause a few scattered showers or thunderstorms to fire off but it is not strong enough to displace the humid air mass. That means tomorrow is likely to be very much like today, hot and humid with a high in the upper 80s and chance of showers or thunderstorms.

Rain is more likely late Saturday night or Sunday morning as the cold front finally eats its spinach and finally pushes that tropical air southward. Sunday should start of humid and warm to the mid 80s, but drier air is expected to arrive by the afternoon. Look for the start of next week to be much more comfortable with highs near 80 and mostly sunny skies.