If you haven't called in sick today, you might want to come down with some fast food poisoning/sniffles/eczema tomorrow so you can get out and enjoy the warmest weather to hit the city in almost six months. A sub-tropical high pressure system centered a few hundred miles southeast of the city will give us sunny skies, a southerly breeze, and afternoon temperatures in the mid 70s in the city today and upper 70s tomorrow. Not everyone will see that heat. A sea breeze is expected to develop this afternoon, bringing brisk winds and cooler temperatures along the south-facing shores.

A cold front will arrive sometime on Wednesday, bringing with it a chance of showers and thunderstorms and cooler weather. It usually takes a few hours for cold air to arrive behind a front so Wednesday should see a high close to 70 degrees. Thursday, though, should see a high in the low 60s, which is average for mid-April.

Near normal temperatures and clear skies look like they will persist into Friday and Saturday. Rain and warmer weather could return on Sunday but it is a bit too soon to say that with much certainty.