The very active weather pattern of the past few days gave us an unusual temperature pattern in which the typical afternoon high/morning low was entirely ignored. Starting with a cold front passage around noon last Wednesday, the temperature fell almost continuously until it bottomed out at 17 degrees on Friday morning.

From that Friday morning low the temperature increased with only a couple of minor interruptions until peaking at 58 degrees early yesterday afternoon. Sunday's warm weather ended with one of the most clearly defined cold fronts we've ever seen in New York. The temperature fell twelve degrees in an hour and twenty degrees in only five hours. More impressively, the dew point, which indicates how much moisture is in the air, dropped forty degrees in five hours.

With the weather craziness of the past week behind us, we can look forward to several days of mostly clear skies and a gradual warming trend as the big high pressure system we are under slowly moves eastward. This afternoon will be windy and cold with a high near 32 but the wind chill will be in the lower 20s. Tomorrow should be slightly warmer and less windy with a high approaching the upper 30s. Wednesday is the winter solstice, and you'll be able to enjoy your longest noontime shadow of the year as it should be sunny and in the mid 40s.

A quick-moving storm will push this high pressure system out to sea on Thursday and maybe give us a rain shower. Thursday's high will be in the mid 40s. Unlike yesterday there is no cold air behind this upcoming storm so look for daily highs in the mid 40s through the weekend.