September has started out cold, with the first ten days averaging more than 5.5 degrees cooler than normal, but that is about to change. A stubborn upper level low east of the Canadian Maritimes and the upper portions of now Tropical Storm Irma are squeezing an upper level ridge into the Northeast and that will bring temperatures at or slightly above normal for much of the week.

To start, this afternoon's high will be very close to the normal of 77 degrees. Those thin cirrus clouds moving into the area are the furthest extent of Irma's cloud shield. Tomorrow will be even warmer with highs generally in the lower 80s, possibly reaching the mid 80s in the city.

A weak warm front is expected to push into the area on Wednesday. The extra humidity along the front will produce a few clouds which should keep Wednesday's high to the upper 70s.

The remains of Hurricane Irma look like they will start influencing our weather late on Thursday. Having crossed over the Appalachians twice it won't be much of a storm when it arrives, but we could see showers or thunderstorms, some potentially with heavy rainfall from Thursday night through Saturday morning. Daily highs will be in the upper 70s to near 80 through the weekend.

Finally, Hurricane Jose is well out to sea and won't get a lot of attention this week but it is worth keeping an eye on. The storm is expected to do an unusual clockwise spiral well north of Hispaniola and Puerto Rico over the next several days before heading toward the Bahamas on Friday. In all likelihood Jose will curve back out to sea this weekend before it can do much damage, but that is still a long way off.