After almost a week of below-normal temperatures, the warmer weather has returned. The warming has brought out the Debbie Downer in NY1 as they warn everyone that "the thaw will mean potholes and sinkholes... broken water and gas lines are possible... the metling [sic] snow and rock salt could cause manhouse [sic] explosions and electrified grates." Anyway, southerly winds and plenty of sun should push the temperature into the upper 40s early this afternoon.

The skies will start clouding up later this afternoon and a soaking rain is likely overnight. That rain is courtesy of a warm front passing through the city. A deep layer of warm air will move in behind the front and that should warm the region into the mid to upper 50s tomorrow with a slight chance of lingering showers.

Don't get too comfortable with the warm weather, as the very active weather pattern we are in shows no sign of letting up. A cold front will arrive late Thursday night, causing Friday's temperature to drop from near 50 at midnight through the 40s during the day and finally winding up in the mid 20s on Saturday morning. Saturday's high will only be around freezing. We may see a few snow flurries around the city on Saturday.

Note that if you will be on the road this weekend be aware that you may hit a potentially nasty wintry mix of conditions from southern New Jersey and Delaware westward across Maryland, Pennsylvania and Ohio as the leading edge of the cold air mass wedges itself under the warm, moist air mass to the south.

The cold air mass will continue to move south and east over the weekend. As the center of that system moves offshore the temperatures will slowly rise. Sunday and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day should see highs near 40 degrees. Temperatures are expected to rise well into the 40s by the middle of next week.